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Struggling with Deposits, Rent, Mortgages, or Utilities? 


Job Leads, Resume Help, Translation or Transportation Keeping you Down?


Over 60 and struggling to keep the cupboards stocked?


Looking for judgement free help towards a better life?

There is a perception that poverty is just about income, employment, and money. But at EOF, we know its so much more. Typical factors can include irregular or absent public programs or poor public transportation, few options in the housing and utilities markets, gas prices, access to care for health and mental health issues, and available child care. 

EOF strives to provide programs and services designed to strengthen families and individuals, advocate on behalf of the low-income, mobilize resources, and promote community coordination of efforts through collaborative partnerships.




The EOF Social Services Program is responsible for outreach to the community of Wyandotte County, Kansas and its low-income population. Our goal is to be the central point in the community to seek out resources for help, guidance, and when needed, emergency services. We network with a variety of social services agencies, organizations, businesses, government entities, and helpful individuals throughout the area in an effort to maximize services. 


To begin, customers seeking assistance must be 18 years of age and a Wyandotte County resident. The process starts with being matched to a Case Manager who will help identify immediate needs and long term goals on the path to self-sufficiency. Everyone receives help customized to their needs, with life skills training assigned on a case by case basis. Frequent trainings assigned include Income Management Services, like budget training or short and long term financial planning.

No matter what your question or need, we hope that you'll call 913.371.0848 and ask for Candie Leonard-Caldwell.  

Whether you rent, lease, own, or have a nontraditional housing situation, having a safe and stable place to living is critical to a family's physical and mental well-being. It is also one of the first steps in achieving financial independence and self-sufficiency. 

The EOF Housing Services Program is focused on helping families get or retain their housing of choice - safe and stable. Our case managers can help you obtain needed supports such as down payment and security deposit assistance, utility and rent assistance, and mortgage default counseling. If you have concerns about the future or have dire emergency needs, we are prepared to help in any situation.

We can help with: 

  • Preventive Homeless Assistance aka Delinquent Rent/Mortgage Payments

  • Housing Counseling aka Understanding Landlord/Tenant Rights & Responsibilities

  • Emergency Assistance aka Delinquent Utility Bill Payments

  • Application Assistance for low-income or income based housing


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Even with unemployment at record lows, we know that finding steady employment that provides for a self-sufficient household is nothing less than a chore.

The EOF Employment Services Program was developed in conjunction with our local employment community. We interviewed Human Resources personnel and Supervisors in every major area of employment: light -industrial, white collar business, and health care settings. The information we gathered helps us share an employment law perspective coupled with up-to-date hiring practice trends with out clients. 


If you're unemployed, under-employed, or just a skill set short of your dream job, our Case Managers are here to help. We can assist you in so many ways: Job Search Assistance, Interview Counseling, Resume Building, Transportation Services or Gas Vouchers (to help you get to your interview), Free Drug Testing, Spanish Language Translation Aid, even help with clothing or uniform costs for your new positions.

Like all our services, to participate in the Employment Services Program you must be 18 years of age.

Contact the Employment Services Program at (913) 371-7800 and schedule an appointment to learn of additional program requirements and potential jobs!


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For our friends and neighbors who are 60 and older, EOF has many specialty programs. We have Housing Assistance to help you maintain your independence, and Commodity Distribution to keep your shelves stocked and your family fed. 

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The organization has grown, and shrunk, and changed, and wobbled, and survived so many things as an agency. We are a stronger team for what we've lost and gained. We know how hard a day can be, and we can promise that no matter what your situation is, the help we offer is based on the strength of your story, not its shame.

We believe in the future of our friends and their families. Call us today to find your more hopeful tomorrow. 

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