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As a result of the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act, The Economic Opportunity Foundation, Inc. has been on an anti-poverty, community-improving journey, since 1965. Here we celebrate that journey and share some highlights.

55 Years of Community Service



For over 55 years,  your local Community Action Agency in Wyandotte County & Kansas City, Kansas, the Economic Opportunity Foundation, Inc. has been on the frontlines of the “War On Poverty”, helping people change their lives, and lifting up their spirits.  Assisting with eviction notices, utility shut-offs, mortgage foreclosures, joblessness and hunger.


Our fight began in 1965. Poverty reigned throughout Kansas City, Kansas.  Economic Opportunity Foundation, Inc. stepped up and took on the task of helping those who have fallen into poverty.

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In February of 1966 EOF received $148,179 in funding to cover four (4) anti-poverty programs, Kansas City Board of Education, Bethel-Riverview Coordination and Development Center, Bonner Springs Remedial Education and Bonner Springs Coordination Center.

But in September and October of that same year, Congress states that they want to cut funding  of Poverty Programs.

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The debate didn't stop. In 1970, new talks began on how to cut the funding to help those in need…. especially the poor.

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The 70's were a decade of challenges. Our leadership was learning how to care about the ENTIRE community.

For a time we had a Head Start program, and learned much from the children.

But new leadership and new programs also brought us success stories and more determination.

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Instead of just surviving trials and tribulations, we listen to our community - out clients and leaders - and learned that we could grow and change. As a part of the national anti-poverty movement, we remained proud and grew stronger than every before .

We engaged our neighbors to join us - relationships that still drive our work to this day. 

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The leadership of the Economic Opportunity Foundation traveled literally across the country to make sure our voices were heard and our work and research was noticed. 

This slideshow shows how our efforts have been recognized over the decades. 

But beyond these acolades, we are proud of the work we have done for the low-income people of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas


Through the rough times and the times of raucous joy, EOF, Inc. remained confident in the righteousness of our cause. Today, we look to the past to inspire us to continue   fighting the “War on Poverty” for the citizens of Wyandotte County, Kansas and Kansas City, Kansas.

We are grateful to all the staff and volunteers who have brought us to today.

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